Tomáš Veit

Group Procurement Director for Asahi Europe & International, on behalf of GEP

Tomas has over 15 years of procurement experience. He has spent almost 10 years in the brewing industry, starting of with SABMiller before transferring into Asahi Breweries.

Tomas is currently Head of Procurement for Asahi Breweries Europe, where he has focused on sustainable benefit delivery, leveraging disruptive procurement, the new 360 degree partnership model, and building a highly motivated, engaged team during a turbulent period of internal and external changes.

He believes the biggest opportunity in procurement is the movement from a supporting function to a strategic partner who has a strong contribution to shaping the future of the business.


Session Details

Procurements Transformational Journey at Asahi

Let’s learn more about Asahi’s business and procurement, while diving deep into one of the most interesting transformational projects. What was the starting point and how the project was approached? You can understand much more including key learnings project team plan to use during the next project phase.