Steve Standring

Chief Revenue Officer, Tungsten Network

Steve owns Tungsten Network’s strategy to market as well as the areas that relate to revenue and go to market (such as partners).  He has been working in IT and specifically Fin-tech for the last 25 years.  He has also been working closely with the shared services market over the previous 16 years as a commercial director and as a consultant to this market.

Session Details

e-Procurement is a key stepping stone to world class performance

Your journey to world-class performance started with cutting cost in AP and Procurement, aiming for integrated processes, data-based decisions and business agility.  However, you cannot achieve this successfully without digitising 100% of P2P.  It is the foundation. We will show you why AND how to implement this for your business.


Benefits of attending this session:

  • Find out how to get to world-class performance
  • Learn the Best Practice steps to achieve a 100% digital P2P department
  • Hear how to go about implementing digital P2P for your business