Roger Needham

Supply Chain Lead Europe, IBM

Roger has spent 20+ years selling, designing and operating international supply chains, mainly in the automotive, industrial and retail finished goods sectors. Notably he held senior operational and commercial management roles across the Caterpillar manufacturing and aftermarket supply chains. Roger understands the key value drivers that drive supply chain strategy and has personally managed complex manufacturing and aftermarket supply chain re-design and transformation. He joined IBM in 2018 as a Supply Chain Consultant to help drive value in the Supply Chains of our clients using IBM’s own Supply Chain solutions.


Session Details

Demystifying the use of Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chains

A brief explanation of how AI has been deployed into a real supply chain including a description of the business benefits and a suggested change management process to ensure supply professionals are on board.

Benefits of attending this session: 

  • Gain insight into an actual AI / Supply Chain implementation
  • Talk to a senior member of the team
  • A dialogue that debunks the technical jargon