Richard Miller

JMCL Consulting

Richard has spent 20 years consulting in IT implementing solutions using cutting edge technologies for clients, particularly in the City. Prior to working with JMCL his most recent job title was as Strategy Head – Disruptive Technology.

The last three years have seen an explosion of interest in how Artificial Intelligence, Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers can be utilised by businesses and Richard specialises in taking existing cross-party workflows and reworking them using these technologies.

Richard has been working at JMCL developing this technology commercially in the areas of Supply Chain and Procurement Processes which lend themselves to being streamlined, reducing their cost, or changed completely to develop new revenue streams. In terms of sustainabilty issues he’s developing the technology to vastly improve the transparency of supply chains with a view to using it as tool to cut-through the greenwash.


Workshop Details

Blast Away the Greenwash – Get Enlightened

On the 20th anniversary of Greenwash, procurement is not yet driving the sustainability agenda despite its unique influencing position.

We will disrupt the mainstream, define the measures and deliver the tools – including leading edge technology – for you to make a difference. Be prepared to be prodded, provoked and enlightened.

By attending this session you will gain:

> A new view on analytical measures
> A vision for how emerging blockchain technology will transform your approach
> Tools and ideas to take back to your business