Jonny Michael

CEO, JMCL Consulting

Jonny Michael is CEO of procurement consultancy JMCL, which he founded and has led for 25 years. With an early career in accountancy, insolvency and corporate finance Jonny’s approach has always been commercial.

He’s developed JMCL’s enlightened procurement methodology recognising that, in order for businesses to thrive and succeed in the short and long-term, they need solutions which are sustainable both commercially and environmentally. Doing the right thing needs to come out of commercially viable solutions and not involve a “green tax”.

As a way of cutting-through the greenwash Jonny is leading JMCL’s “Get Lit” initiative to highlight & accredit suppliers, whom JMCL analysis shows are doing the right thing.


Workshop Details

Blast Away the Greenwash – Get Enlightened

On the 20th anniversary of Greenwash, procurement is not yet driving the sustainability agenda despite its unique influencing position.

We will disrupt the mainstream, define the measures and deliver the tools – including leading edge technology – for you to make a difference. Be prepared to be prodded, provoked and enlightened.

Benefits of attending this session:

> A new view on analytical measures
> A vision for how emerging blockchain technology will transform your approach
> Tools and ideas to take back to your business