Jenny Draper

General Manager, Spend Matters UK/Europe 

Jenny has over 20 years of experience in international procurement. Having started her career as a supply manager with Owens Corning, she went on to work with FreeMarkets (Ariba) managing the sourcing projects of global enterprises. While there, Jenny first encountered colleague Jason Busch, who later co-founded Azul Partners and Spend Matters. After several years at FreeMarkets, working in Europe and Asia, Jenny co-founded e-Three in the UK. It specialized in procurement consultancy facilitated by strategic procurement technology. e-Three became a global partner of Oracle and was one of the first organizations to configure and host Oracle technology in the cloud. e-Three successfully merged and subsequently sold to a global Oracle partner based in North America. Now part of the Spend Matters team, Jenny brings her knowledge as a practitioner, business owner and source-to-pay technology advocate to the team and wider Spend Matters audience.

Session Details

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint – How Your Source-to-Pay Tech Providers Can Help

This session will explore the possibilities around reducing your carbon footprint in your sourcing and supply chain activities. She will ask what the solution providers are doing, and should be doing, to work a form of measurement into their S2P technologies, how optimisation technology will play a key part, and how to choose the right solution provider to fit your specific needs as procurement plays a vital role in influencing carbon reduction in the supply chain.