Gyles Scott-Hayward

Head of Supplier Portal, Greenstone

As Head of SupplierPortal at Greenstone, Gyles works with organisations to understand and manage supplier compliance, performance and risk. With a background in sustainability, Gyles enables organisations to integrate sustainability into procurement processes through the implementation of software solutions and sustainable procurement strategies. Gyles oversees the implementation of Greenstone’s SupplierPortal solution, which facilitates highly customised supplier management through data collection, management, analysis and reporting.


Session Details

Bridging the gap between sustainability and procurement

Procurement is changing, which means the way organisations engage with their suppliers, manage their supplier relationships, and make their purchasing decisions is changing.

Due to increasing focus on organisation’s relationships with their suppliers, procurement is having to engage with far more areas of the business and on a wider range of subjects. Sustainability is one of the areas that has become a key part of the evolution of procurement, and this relationship and subject matter needs to be understood by both sides in order to be implemented and integrated successfully.


In this workshop, Greenstone will cover:

  • Drivers for adopting more sustainable procurement practices
  • Integrating sustainability into your procurement model – the sustainable procurement journey
  • Practical steps to engaging the organisation on sustainability
  • How software can enable more sustainable supplier management

Benefits of attending this session:

  • Why sustainability is linked to procurement
  • How you can begin to integrate sustainability into procurement
  • How software can help or hinder the process