Andrew Leach

Supply Chain Risk Management Consultant, Company Watch

Andrew, an independent consultant on supply chain risk management, was previously responsible for leading business continuity risk management in Rolls-Royce’s global supply chains. He successfully managed many supplier crises, including financial failures, floods, fires and earthquakes. However, it was the work he did to embed business continuity risk management into the Group’s global purchasing processes, that ensured the Group developed long term sustainable and competitive supply chains. His work on supplier risk was recognised at the 2013 and 2014 Procurement Leaders Awards. He has also won a number of awards for his work on supplier finance programmes.


Session Details

Knowing Your Supplier so That You Can Manage Supply Chain Risk

Knowing your suppliers is key in these uncertain times. Understanding owners and risk profiles of your chain risk has never been more important.

By using examples of how companies have successfully adopted practical, workable processes to create early-warning systems and showing how potential supply chain failures have been turned around to ensure continuity of supply, this session provides a valuable insight into how procurement professionals can minimise the risk in your supply chain – and how you can really know your supplier.


Benefits of attending this session:

  • Knowing your supplier – why understanding the ownership and risk profile of key suppliers is essential
  • How to get early warnings of potential problems with suppliers caused by internal and external pressures
  • Best practice examples and case studies of how Andrew has helped procurement teams ensure stability and continuity of supply.