Steve Carter

Crown Marketplace: Service Architect & Integration Lead, Crown Commercial Service 

Steve is the Service Architect and Integration Lead at the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and leading design of future Digital Marketing. Steve is a member of the CCS Digital Services Team and collaborating with Government Digital Services (GDS) to create the next generation in Public Sector procurement. For almost 30 years prior to joining CCS, Steve worked as a Senior Product owner and Business Director in organisations selling procurement solutions into the Public and Private sectors. This involved responding to tenders and building solutions to support the Source to Pay and Order to Cash journeys.

Having worked on both sides of the fence, Steve has been involved in a vast number of procurements, successful and unsuccessful. He has run procurements and won tenders. When this is coupled with his all round knowledge of the systems and processes used within procurement, it gives Steve a unique perspective on how we should be transforming procurement in the Digital age.

Lunchtime Keynote Details

Hunter turned Gamekeeper?

As a supplier for over 30 years, it was not an insignificant decision to leap to the other side of the fence into the fascinating world of Crown Commercial Service. The analogy of Hunter turned Gamekeeper has come to mind – moving from hunting out opportunities that make a profit for the shareholders to a world of guardianship of the public purse. So, what was the catalyst for my decision? The fact that we can look at Procurement as being adversarial, Hunter v Gamekeeper, felt wrong when procurement is actually an opportunity to innovate. It is the chance for the buyer and the supplier to develop and grow together to get the best outcome.

I have now been at Crown Commercial Service for around 18 months and having now been on both side of the fence I can see that there is insight that can be shared to make it better for both buyers and suppliers.

Whether a buyer or a supplier resources are precious and we should and not waste them – Procurement should be seen as a partnership and not a competition.

Benefits of attending this session:

> Top lessons for working in partnership
> Insights on how Public Sector frameworks really work
> How to embrace the innovation that Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) can bring