Ros Howard

Director, Counterpoint Courses

Ros is a consultant and business trainer with a background in business analysis and a rich and varied career in industry and education. She believes that excellence in communication, negotiation and other “soft skills” is vital for business success, and has a real passion for helping clients find business solutions, redesign processes and implement best practice in their organisations.

Stephen and Ros work together to deliver a variety of training experiences and to provide consultancy and coaching: offering the best of both worlds – a very experienced practitioner backed by an expert in analysis, communication and soft skills.


Session Details

Workshop: The Art of Choosing the Right e-Supplier – Part 1: The Challenge 

Now, more than at any time in the past, the choice of e-tools is huge. But, how do you make sure that you choose the right one for our organisation? The market is crowded with players large and small. You only have to look around at eWorld!

In this session, Counterpoint’s directors, Stephen Mallaband and Ros Howard, will take you through the best approach. They will start by asking you to close your eyes and to imagine just what success would look like and then ask you to put pen to paper to capture that vision. What is your challenge? What problem are you trying to solve? And how will you measure success? Stephen and Ros will use their version of the procurement lifecycle to guide the discussion and to focus energy into coming up with a good definition of what you really want to buy, as distinct from what the suppliers would really like to sell to you.


Workshop: The Art of Choosing the Right e-Supplier – Part 2: The Response 

All too often e-tools are a solution looking for a problem, but by focusing on your real needs, by knowing the market and by knowing the suppliers within it, you can make a well-informed choice of tool and of a supplier.

Stephen and Ros will give you a pictorial overview of the market and there will be a chance to critically review the offerings of the suppliers exhibiting at eWorld. An interactive discussion will follow, looking at the right supplier selection process to use. Don’t forget though that at the selection stage suppliers are merely promising you a result – and promises are often there to be broken. You will need to implement your chosen e-tool with care to unleash the value it contains.