Emilia Cedeno

Commercial Agreement Manager, Crown Commercial Service

Emilia is a Commercial Agreement Manager at the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and the leader on the Building Capability Programme. Emilia is a member of the CCS Technology Pillar’s Digital Team which manages spend of c.£4.0Bn. Emilia will be talking to you about the collaborative work that CCS has been doing with the Government Digital Service to build capability within the public sector.

Emilia has delivered over 100 workshops to various government departments. As part of this work, Emilia’s scope has expanded to support government departments in managing the UK’s exit from the European Union by supporting them with solid commercial expertise as well as advising them on robust routes to market. Emilia also leads the first UK digital buying community, which brings buyers of technology and digital products together to celebrate the procurement profession, share experiences and share best practices.
Emilia is also the International Advisor for the Global Digital Marketplace programme to tackle corruption in emerging economies.

Emilia’s background is in international procurement, working within various industries and sectors for the last 15 years in North, South America and Europe.


Workshop Details

Unlocking the Digital Marketplace

The Digital Marketplace provides the Public Sector buyer with a quick and simple way to buy Digital Services and Outcomes. This Workshop will explain how to get the most from the Digital Marketplace and offer insight into writing agile requirement that will benefit everyone in procurement.

Benefits of attending this workshop include:
> Learn about the Government Digital Marketplace and CCS
> How to write Agile Requirement to support a Procurement
> Top tips when writing a Statement of Work