Dan Gianfreda

Director, Scanmarket

Dan has worked in Head of Account Management within the eSourcing industry over 6 years. He specialises in working with customers to understand the specific barriers to success of implementation, adoption and, later, maximised benefit realisation of eSourcing Solutions. Dan believes that the customer-provider eSourcing journey begins, rather than ends, at implementation. He is passionate about challenging the eSourcing market by showing procurement professionals that eSourcing doesn’t have to be difficult, and it’s no longer the future; it’s the present

Session Details

Best-In-Class eSouring

What is Best-in-Class eSourcing and how do leading procurement organisations leverage eSourcing to gain an edge, and what are the specific associated benefits? Take this opportunity to benchmark your organisation with regards to eSourcing maturity. If your organisation is behind the curve, what can you do to quickly and effectively improve? Some proven strategies will be discussed, and key statistical and strategic insights from Scanmarket’s 20 years in the business will be shared.

Benefits of attending this session include:

> Gain understanding of what constitutes Best-in-Class eSourcing
> Benchmark your organization in terms of eSourcing Maturity
> Learn key statistical and strategic insights regarding eSourcing