Chris Jasper

Account Executive, Tradeshift 

Chris helps organisations digitally connect with their supply chains through innovative applications delivered via Tradeshift’s B2B commerce platform. He is enabling buyers and sellers to collaborate with each other and access all of the financial, procurement, and payment services they may require to enable trade and interact with one another. Now at Tradeshift, Chris’s career has predominantly focussed on supply chain automation and digitisation and he has held prior positions at disruptive B2B SaaS companies including BravoSolution (now Jaggaer) and Determine.

Session Details

Future Proofing Procurement – Using Innovation Today to Prepare for Tomorrow

Can procurement drive fundamental change in how businesses engage with their supply base? And in doing so, create a radically more connected, innovative supply chain? In the age of digital networks, marketplaces, apps, and other disruptive technologies, the answer is yes. Find out the drivers that are converging to make the way for a new era of supply chain digitisation and why it matters to your future in the profession.

By attending this session you will  learn:

> How to embrace a new era of procurement technology to support your function
> The importance of having a digitally connected supply chain
> How the way in which we use technology in the B2C world has influenced the B2B world