Becca Brighty

Organisational Psychologist, Brighty People

Becca is a business psychologist, specialising in values-based organisational development.


Research indicates that having a strong values-driven culture leads to greater employee engagement. The benefits of engaged employees include; increased productivity, enhanced levels of creativity, reduced errors, improved levels of customer service, reduced staff turnover and reduced levels of absenteeism.

Increasing workforce engagement will increase bottom line profitability. Becca specialises in helping organisations, such as Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, pinpoint their core values and use this information to help you embed your values in all of your operations and attract and recruit the best people with shared values. Psychological approaches and assessment methods are used to establish these values, embed them and assess potential employees.

Session Details

Adopting new Procurement Systems: The Neuroscience of Change

One of the key issues businesses face when implementing any new computer software, process or system is resistance from staff.

Becca will explain why people hate change, that it is completely natural, and how understanding just a bit about how the brain functions can help you get the best out of people when implementing a new system, ensuring you get up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible.

By attending this session you will learn:

> The key human factors to consider when implementing a new system
> Gain an understanding of how the brain works and why you should care
> How to make staff feel safe and comfortable, and are therefore productive, during times of change