Vlad Nanu

Chief Executive Officer, AMDARIS

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Vlad Nanu is Co CEO at Amdaris who work with a portfolio of clients delivering nearshore software development services to support their digital transformation.

Vlad believes in the power of harnessing outstanding talent, trained in modern and effective best practice agile management, to deliver our clients ambitious software projects. This has been demonstrated with clients including, Pearson PLC, Staffline PLC, Journey Group PLC, WPA and others. Vlad is an innovator and speaker on subjects such as blockchain, Machine learning, agile, Cloud and Security.


Session Details

Solving Real-World Problems with Blockchain

People are talking about Blockchain, but do we really understand what it is and how it can be applied to add tangible value to business? Although widely associated with cryptocurrency we will explore how the use of Blockchain has much wider application. The future of the technology is up for debate, the promoters see great potential for protecting and securing data and the detractors argue that other technologies are better and that current energy use is unsustainable. Will Blockchain be the future or fade away? We will discuss and explore these questions and more.

Benefits of attending this session:

> Find out What Blockchain is and why is it important to talk about it
> Find out how blockchain can be used across industries
> Find out how Blockchain could become the mainstream technology for the future