Dr Alan Holland

CEO, Keelvar

Dr Alan Holland is an expert in e-commerce, procurement and optimisation. He is a thought leader in how government bodies and utilities can improve efficiency in their procurement function. Dr Holland holds a PhD in Computer Science and left the 4C (Cork Constraint Computation Centre ) laboratory in University College, Cork, (UCC) Ireland to establish Keelvar. He is now working with the team to expand the roll-out of Keelvar’s highly innovative and disruptive technologies for procurement.


Session Details

AI-Enabled Sourcing Automation

This session will illustrate how the key steps in strategic sourcing are being automated or semi-automated. We argue that fully autonomous sourcing bots will achieve (1) better savings, (2) faster execution, (3) finer control and (4) improved data absorption and reasoning from third-party sources, resulting in a competitive advantage. We will describe roll-out strategies for enterprises that maximise impact and benefits and describe how first movers are gaining a competitive advantage.


Benefits of attending this session:

> Learn about AI and Strategic Sourcing

> Understand what cutting-edge teams are doing to improve agility and speed via automation

> Hear about sourcing spend categories that are first in line to be automated