Mark Masterson

Vice President – Strategy and Disruption, Tradeshift 

Mark Masterson helps Tradeshift to identify, develop and launch innovative new services to the market.  He is currently driving Tradeshift’s marketplace operations, helping buyers and sellers collaborate with each other and access all of the financial, logistics, risk management and other services they need to enable trade.  Mark is a 20-year veteran of the eMarketplace and supply chain management space having held senior positions in a range of disruptive B2B startups, including Commerce One, the original ‘eMarketplace’ company.


Session Details

Fear versus Greed: How to Own Your Marketplace and Win

Marketplaces might tempt you with savings and convenience, but should you be worried about being disintermediated? Or how about the impact of the marketplace giants on your suppliers? Join Tradeshift to explore how AI, Blockchain, FinTech, and Apps can help you own your marketplace without missing out on savings.

By attending this session you will learn:

> The pros and cons of channeling your spend through marketplaces.

> Why marketplaces are about much more than tailspend

> How emerging technologies empower you to benefit from marketplaces without losing               control