Lucy Brownsdon

Director, Centre for Facilitation 

Lucy’s skill is in facilitating energetic and productive meetings, and these are often supporting change programmes. So often change initiatives fail due to poor leadership and communication. Any leader of change will benefit from being supported by a facilitator to lead the workshops and meetings allowing them to focus on the project.

Lucy ensures each meeting, workshop or conference has a clear purpose and a robust structure.
Purpose ensures efficiency by helping everyone in the room focus on what really matters.
Structure ensures inclusivity, so each participant feels comfortable and has the opportunity to contribute fully.

The group feels their voice has been heard, which enhances listening and results in mutual understanding.

Results really matter, so we ensure decisions and actions are created and accepted by all and there is a shared responsibility for making things happen.

And, they are also fun leaving participants energised.

Conferences : Board meetings : Team meetings : Problem solving meetings : Strategy workshops : Planning meetings : Progress Meetings : Project meetings : Change Initiatives : Innovation workshops : Conflict resolution : Consultation meetings : and much more!

Workshop Details

Being ‘Match Fit’ to Lead Change Initiative (Part 1 & 2)

No organisation stands still. Change is often managed reactively rather than proactively, and projects and people suffer. This workshop is designed for delegates to share the changes are looming in their organisations and discuss practical steps to be ‘match fit’. Let us lead change rather than let it lead us.

Benefits of attending include:
> Understanding the changes Organisations are predicting for the future
> Considering influencing styles to lead change proactively
> Gaining practical tips to be ‘match fit’ for change