Emma Freiha

Senior Manager, LEGO Corporation

Emma has been working as strategic senior manager at LEGO Corporation for 2 years, with responsibility for procurement, strategic sourcing and green procurement policies, as well as other commercial and partnership generative activities outside of the Procurement arena. Having successfully implemented new sustainable material solutions in early 2017 resulting in achieving great milestone across the operational and sourcing value chain also a greater step toward 2030 LEGO sustainable mission.  Th focus now is to continue replacing the current portfolio of materials with more sustainable materials while focusing on stimulating the demands of bio based and recycled resins that is not a commodity, increase efficiency and maintain sustainable supply chain. Prior to this role, Emma held several strategic, business and operational roles within the oil and gas sector starting as a field engineer then shuffled between different positions of project manager, trader, strategist and procurement director.


Session Details

LEGO: Building Capacity for Global Growth

As one of the world’s largest toy companies, LEGO’s rapid expansion into new geographies has created some significant challenges around production capacity and international logistics.

Resins and pigment industry is commodity driven and can be complex business as its linked to the oil supply and demand market turbulences however, sustainable materials can be even more challenging due to lack of demand, high prices and capacity constraint.

This session will discuss the challenges faced by LEGO sustainable journey, the lessons learned and the key successes, also, will include informal Q&A session with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Find out how the procurement and sourcing functions have played a key role in the company’s phenomenal success, including its new quest to find new, sustainable materials for its popular plastic toy bricks.

Come and find out the what lessons have been learned along the way.