David Atkinson

Managing Director, Four Pillars

David Atkinson has worked in the procurement field for over 30 years, with practitioner, senior leadership, and consulting experience across sectors that include automotive and aerospace manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, financial services, logistics, facilities, travel, and many others. He is particularly known as an expert in sourcing and post-contract management of suppliers, where managing value, risk, and innovation are key themes.


Session Details

The Supplier Management Clinic

An interactive session on SRM where attendees will discuss what it takes to launch (or re-launch) a successful programme. David will facilitate the debate, covering:

> Why SRM matters
> The skill requirements to do it well
> A model for deploying SRM systematically, consistently and repeatedly
> What it takes to embed better practice

Benefits of attending this session include the ability to:

> Test their understanding of SRM best practice
> Reflect on their own practice
> Identify where their next wave of improvement will come from