Chris White

Director, Institute for Strategy, King’s College London 

Chris was appointed as Director of the Institute for Industrial Strategy at King’s College in May this year.  Previously, he served as the MP for Warwick and Leamington, 2010-2017. In Parliament, he was a member of the International Development and Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committees and chaired various All Party Groups, including the All Party Manufacturing Group.

He is proud to be the author of what is now known as the Social Value Act, which has had a significant impact on commissioning, both at local and national levels.

Chris is on the Board of Social Enterprise UK, the President of the Warwickshire College Group and a member of the Cranfield Manufacturing Council.

Opening Keynote Details

Achieving Cultural Change Through Procurement: The Social Value Act

The presentation will describe how a Private Member’s Bill became an Act and how this legislation has influenced commissioning at both a local and national level, whilst having an increasing impact on policy, including the recently launched Civil Society Strategy.  The future development of the Act will also be discussed.

By attending this session you will benefit from:

> An increased awareness and understanding of the Act
> Sharing of case studies regarding best practice and application
> The strategic potential for the Act, locally, nationally and internationally.