Chris Gardner

Project Manager, Global Strategic eSourcing, Merlin Entertainments Group 

Chris Gardner joined Merlin Entertainments Group in 2017 as Senior Group Procurement Manager responsible for a Global indirect procurement portfolio across Merlin’s 127 global attractions.

In 2018 Chris was appointed to the role of Project Manager – Global Strategic eSourcing, with a remit to implement and deliver a sustainable eSourcing platform across Merlin’s global community.

Prior to joining Merlin Entertainments Group, Chris successfully operated his own Procurement consultancy having previously held senior Procurement and Commercial Management roles with a focus on developing and implementing sourcing strategy.

Session Details

The Secret Sauce of Successful System Implementation

This session will cover:
– Why we wanted/needed an eSourcing solution
– Why we chose our eSourcing partner
– The teething problems we had regarding implementation/change management/hearts and minds
– What action we and our eSourcing partner took to help overcome barriers
– Successes: results achieved and change of attitude within the team

Benefits of attending include:
> Hear about sourcing challenges, successes and lessons learnt from a multi-billion-pound, multi-national organization
> Discuss one-on-one elements of interest in more detail following the presentation
> Join a new members-only group of Executive Procurement Professionals who meet annually to discuss triumphs and failures they have experienced in their roles