Paul Jones

General Manager, ExceleratedS2P

Paul is responsible for the company’s European business growth strategy and has over 20 years’ experience in sourcing and procurement, supporting all aspects of source-to-pay transformation. Paul has practical hands-on experience of S2P implementations across a variety of industries during his time with ExceleratedS2P and prior to that KPMG. He has also supported numerous procurement transformation implementations, all of which included some form of process and technology change at various international organisations.

Session Details

How Digital Connections Build Sustainable Value Chains

It seems that everyone is talking about the Sustainable Enterprise at the moment. But thinking about just your Enterprise, is too limiting. All businesses need to expand their span of influence beyond their four walls to a network-centric approach. It can improve everything from how businesses source suppliers and manage supply chain risk to how they work together to design, manufacture, deliver, and support the sustainable goods and services the global economy needs.

Benefits of attending this session:

This session can help you understand how companies work with their Value Chain partners to:

  • Connect with a unified, global community of partners to drive desired sustainable business outcomes
  • Strengthen collaborative capabilities to combine the reach and power of the network
  • Use the combined intelligence of the network to learn from the past, act in the present, and predict the future