Mark Roberts

Director of Commercial Services, Metropolitan Police Service

Mark Roberts joined the Metropolitan Police in 2019 in their most senior commercial role in UK policing with the responsibility of ensuring it becomes more efficient in delivering value for services and enabling the Metropolitan Police ‘to make London the safest global city’. He has over 20 years’ experience in the implementation of strategic transformation programmes across the public and private sector.

Mark’s focus is on the completion of the functional transformation whilst understanding how the spending power of the Metropolitan Police will enable Sustainability and Social Value solutions for the benefit of itself and the citizens of London.

Session Details

How the Metropolitan Police are enabling London’s Post-Pandemic Recovery

Mark Roberts, Met Police Director of Commercial Services, will discuss how targeting spend into the capital’s business and communities is enabling London’s post-pandemic recovery. Mark’s focus is on the successful completion of the functional transformation, whilst ensuring the Met Police utilise their spending power to support sustainability and social value initiatives for the citizens of London.

Benefits of attending this session:

Learn how to:
  • Successfully implement functional transformation
  • Approach and measure risk with the right tools
  • Achieve impactful sustainability goals using the power of spend