Joe Catling

Consultant, Proactis

Joe has been with Proactis since 2018 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience within the area of Spend Control and eProcurement.

A specialist in his field, Joe has helped organisations across the UK such as RNIB, Swansea University and Edinburgh Napier University save time and money, automate their manual processes and reduce risk for their organisation.

Joe will be hosting two sessions at eWorld this year, please see this page for details on both:

Session Details

The Future of Procurement: Value, Growth, Agility and Resilience

Recent events have highlighted that viewing procurement purely as a matter of logistics and cost containment is a practice long overdue for greater consideration – something that’s critical for future resilience.

Explore the need for technology to enable high-performing procurement functions who can drive business value, growth, and resilience.

Benefits of attending this session:

Understand the value of technology in:

  • Identifying sourcing opportunities improving on-contract spend
  • Optimising supplier performance/compliance
  • Strengthening organisational agility/efficiency and reducing risks/costs

Session Details

User Adoption: Recognising Procurement as a Value Creator

One of the most important keys to the success of a transformational procurement project is the ability to gain organisation-wide adoption. So, how do organisations realise adoption’s value and optimise investment into it in order to deliver sustainable benefits/ROI?

  • Explore how cloud-based procurement applications drives adoption through user experience
  • Examine the power of internal perception
  • Gain practical advice to shape your user adoption strategy