Jack Greenwood

Senior Procurement Manager, Clifford Chance LLP

Jack Greenwood is a Procurement professional under the age of 30, that has achieved a significant contribution for the businesses he has worked for, as well as the wider procurement community.

As a Senior Procurement manager at Clifford Chance, he actively seeks opportunities to improve and grow his team around him, balancing the needs of an upcoming generation into the workplace.

He is passionate about helping other young professionals to excel, regardless of their socio-economic background, race, or gender and helps lead the CIPS “Next-generation” knowledge group.

Jack was shortlisted for the CIPS Young-professional of the year 2020.

Session Details:

Procurement Pathways: New Skillsets, Career Mapping & Expanding Influence

The modern-day Procurement professional has shifted significantly in recent history. How can you help keep up with new skillsets, navigating your career and expanding influence within a modern enterprise? Jack Greenwood from Clifford Chance LLP, who was shortlisted CIPS Young Professional of the year 2020, gives his views.

Benefits of attending this session:

  • Understand the drivers of emerging procurement talent
  • What new skillsets should you look out for when recruiting?
  • See real life examples