Christopher Barrat

Director, Greystone Partnership

Christopher Barrat is an established and well respected speaker, TEDx speaker, consultant and author in commercial, management and leadership skills. Christopher has many years experience in management development. He has seen the full range of commercial activity, from small to large business interaction, and from ‘both sides of the table’. He has been a Sales Rep, a Sales Manager, a Corporate Buyer and a Director of Purchasing. This has given him not only a unique insight into the whole commercial arena, it has also provided him with very extensive management experience of the real world.

Session Details

Closing Keynote: Building Relationships in the Blended Future

The last two years have shown us all that relationships really matter. The ‘new normal’ is sure to blend in more virtual business relationships. This keynote will show you have to make the most of every chance to connect with others and build relationships even virtually.

Benefits of attending this session:

  • Learn how to structure your virtual work to maximise relationships
  • Know how to engage with others whilst distancing
  • Make the most of lockdown learning