Phil Tompkinson

Co-founder and Technical Director, i2B Limited.

With over 27 years working in the IT industry Phil has seen many advances in technology.
Working his way up from a front line telephone support team member, at his first job in a local software company, through to setting up his own pioneering software company in 1999 after spotting a gap in the market for a cloud based purchase to pay software solution.

This was when no one had heard of the “cloud” and the internet was just in its infancy.

Phil’s passion for technology began when his parents first bought him a Sinclair spectrum and he began writing his first commercial games at age 11.
From simple beginnings Phil has never been without a computer and enjoys nothing more than finding out what else is possible and keeping abreast of new technologies.
Phil has a very impressive portfolio of companies which he has had the privilege to work alongside. These companies come in various sizes, are from a number of sectors and span the globe. The knowledge and experience gained by working with such amazing clients really is priceless.

Phil is not your average Technical Director with a passion for poker, football and travel meaning people find him very easy to connect with. He has a devotion for everything he believes in and lives by the motto “Everything is possible”.

Session Details

Getting to Grips with Cloud-Based Supplier Collaboration & Data Sharing

Leading organisations realise that close collaboration and data sharing with suppliers has become increasingly important in ensuring business success. With examples from Centrica, Weir and Aggreko, Phil will explain in non technical terms how you can improve your supplier relationships through the cloud.

Benefits of attending this session:

  • Ever wondered what the cloud is and what it can do for you?
  • Find out why cloud based supplier collaboration is key to your businesses success
  • Help you move focus away from you or your team firefighting suppliers