Scott McKenna

Procurement Operations Manager, Royal London (on behalf of GEP)

Scott is the Senior Procurement Operations Manager at Royal London (the UK’s largest mutual life insurance, pensions and investments company), accountable for the development of processes, procedures and technology which underpin and enable a successful Procurement function to operate. In 2018, Scott led a technology transformation which resulted in the implementation of a new source to contract solution, a major milestone in their steps towards technology enablement.

Session Details

Implementing a Source to Contract Solution – adding value through automation

Insight into the process of implementing a new procurement solution – due diligence and selection (selecting the ‘right’ partner and solution), ‘Procurement people’ designing the build requirements, bringing about cultural transformation, delivering efficiencies and adding value to the Procurement process.

Benefits of attending: 

  • A case study into the steps the Royal London team took to ensure successful delivery of a major system implementation
  • An insight into overcoming challenges and cultural transformation
  • Key areas of focus and priorities in 2020 to ensure further development and optimisation