Rod Davies

Procurement Manager, Asset Management, Housing and Modernisation, Southwark Housing and LHC

Rod has worked in the Public sector, UK, since 1990 in a number of roles including Project and Organisational Change Management, Procurement, Economic Development and Regeneration. Prior to 1990 he worked in various roles in the private sector in the UK and abroad.

Rod is currently responsible for procuring maintenance and construction services and works for London’s largest council housing provider with 55,000 housing units, 8,000 ancillary properties and 11,000 units planned construction.

Session Details

How Framework Collaboration Can Provide Improvements For All

Southwark Housing and LHC have been collaborating on a various procurement activities most notably a major framework for Architecture Design Services and are embarking on an innovative approach to Engineering Inspection Services.

Southwark and LHC are able to demonstrate how Collaboration between organisations can deliver:

  • Innovation
  • Value, Efficiency & Economy
  • Step-Change Improvement & Risk Mitigation

through external & internal challenge, improved stakeholder engagement, access to greater resources, to produce fit for purpose & affordable solutions accessible to large and small organisations.