Nick Hood

Business Risk Analyst, Company Watch

Nick Hood is a financial and commercial risk analyst and advisor. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1970 and an Insolvency Practitioner in 1992, although he no longer uses the

se qualifications. He is also a media pundit working in broadcast, print and online media, specialising in the retail, social care and travel industries in particular.

Nick spent over twenty years in senior positions in a variety of business sectors, making almost every imaginable error of commercial judgment. After an interlude as an investment banker, he then dedicated a quarter of a century to dealing with the financial carnage caused by similar mistakes made by others, working as a business rescue professional mainly in the SME sector.

Session Details

Coronavirus, Brexit – the Nightmare of Contagion in the Supply Chain

In this session, battle-hardened business risk analyst Nick Hood explores the impact of global events on the supply chain. Bringing a wealth of experience as FD and CEO of listed construction and logistics companies, and, latterly, as an international insolvency practitioner, Nick explores every procurement professional’s nightmare of the ripple effect of failure in the supply chain. How can this be spotted, contained and, ideally, prevented.

Benefits of attending:

  • How to spot dangers in the supply chain and act early
  • Lower your exposure to financial risk
  • Learn first-hand from an experienced business analyst