Lisa Macadam

Global Change Practice Lead, ExceleratedS2P

Lisa is an accomplished change management specialist having worked on a range of waterfall and agile transformation programmes over the last 20 years. Lisa drives change and adoption strategies in enterprise wide change programmes, preparing organisations for transformational change, managing user experience and designing and implementing robust strategies to ensure awareness, engagement and adoption

Session Details

Procurement Transformation: What Does Good Look Like?

We hear about procurement transformation a lot – but what does it really mean and what does good look like?

Paul Jones and Lisa Macadam, from ExceleratedS2P, a source-to-pay technology and consulting firm and SAP Ariba partner, will share experiences of what good looks like, where (and why) projects have succeeded and, just as importantly, where they have failed (with discussion on the steps he and his team have taken to turn things around).

The session will draw upon real-life case studies and talk about the importance of adoption and change management in the journey to true procurement transformation.

Benefits of attending:

  • Learn from real-life case studies
  • Get practical tips on how to make procurement transformation a reality
  • Understand the importance balance between technology, organisation and people