Daniel Ball

Business Development Director, Wax Digital 

Daniel started his working life as an adman, producing copy and concepts for advertising agencies across the northwest of England after graduating in English from Reading University in 1992. Spotting the early potential of the computer as a means for marketing and communication, Daniel helped introduce the practice of digital marketing to clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Brother and Electronic Arts.

In 2001 Daniel cemented his move into software full-time, co-founding the on-demand spend management specialist Wax Digital. At a time when the internet was still very much in its infancy as a commercial tool, the company focused on using this new medium to help buyers and suppliers collaborate more effectively.

Wax Digital has since grown to become one of the leading spend management providers in Europe, streamlining purchasing processes for global organisations with the most intuitive, innovative and effective spend management solution available on the market today – web3.


Session Details

Procurement as a Power for Good

In a world where the impact of individual choices can be felt on a global scale, let’s talk about how purchasing decisions have the power to transform lives and social outcomes. And how procurement can and should take centre stage in delivering that transformation.

Benefits of attending:

  • Learn powerful insights into the social and environmental progress that is being made through simple changes in procurement strategies and how you can follow suit.
  • Discover the strategic gains that you can make for your organisation, through orientating your buying to realise positive outcomes.
  • Gain a new perspective on the power that procurement possesses in delivering a positive and globally beneficial effect, for your organisation.