Christopher Barrat

Director, Greystone Partnership

Christopher Barrat is an established and well respected speaker, consultant and author in management development skills. His knowledge is based on genuine experience in the real world.

Sales Manager
Business Manager
Purchasing Director

This gives him enormous credibility in the work he delivers and a unique insight into ‘both sides of the table’ from a commercial perspective.

Having graduated in Law as an LLB Hons he took the ‘obvious’ step of being a door-to-door salesman. He then worked in Australia for Rank Xerox, and returned to the UK for a wide ranging career with the Blue-chip company ICI.

Christopher has many years’ experience in management development. He has seen the full range of commercial activity, from small to large business interaction, and from ‘both sides of the table’.

He has been a sales rep, a sales manager, a corporate buyer and a director of purchasing. This has given him not only a unique insight into the whole commercial arena, it has also provided him with very extensive management experience of the real world.

His style is always to combine sound theoretical ideas into the real practical world. He challenges convention and can open up thinking through a relaxed and engaging style. He is a popular speaker at international conventions, and is a regular writer for business magazines.

Christopher is a Director of the Greystone Partnership. This consultancy works to bring together people, process and technology skills to maximise business effectiveness.


Increasing Your Impact Within Your Organisation

In complex and changing matrix organisations it is not always easy to get your point of view to resonate as it needs to for you to add the most value.

This can be both personally for you and for your whole department

This workshop will give you tips and techniques to develop more impact within your workspace

Benefits of attending: 

  • Helping you to connect more effectively with other senior stakeholders in your organisation
  • How you can personally have more impact and power without authority
  • How you can help your team develop a stronger ‘brand’ within your organisation