Charlotte Carter

Solutions Specialist, Proactis

Charlotte is an experienced, CIPS qualified, Solutions Consultant who works on tailoring technology and services to fit the spend control and procurement needs of organisations across the public and private sectors, helping them to save money, maximise strategic activity and reduce risk. Her background in communications and technology provides a solid foundation for helping organisations rethink their processes, enabling them to get the most out of their time, technology and talent.

At Proactis, Charlotte focuses on delivering savings and benefits to organisations in the property, facilities management, local authority and housing sectors as well as having a particular passion for projects with a humanitarian aspect. Charlotte has worked with customers such as SEGRO, HC-One and London Borough of Hackney.

Session Details

What Might the New Decade Have in Store for Procurement?

Procurement’s focus has traditionally been on reducing buying costs and ensuring goods and services are delivered on time. But, as this session explores, it must now flex this focus to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex and risk-filled business landscape, occupied by political and economic uncertainty, legal and regulatory issues and social value and sustainability – all of which impact the bottom-line as well as brand image.

Benefits of attending:

  • Explore the new age of business challenges and their impact on procurement.
  • Take away practical advice to help future-proof procurement in your business.