Jacques Vigneault

EVP | MD – DiCentral Europe

Since 2019 Vigneault leads DiCentral Europe as its Executive Vice President (EVP). Before he led sales for the North-American market. Prior to joining the company, Jacques served as vice president of sales and marketing at ALLIGACOM. He earned a B.S. in business from Cornell University and played as a professional for the French Basketball league.

Session Details

Digital Transformation via EDI Managed Services

Connect easily and securely with as many Trading Partners.

New buying experiences due to online shopping has retailers squeezed between expectations of e-commerce and the visceral experience of brick and mortar. To compete in today’s hyper-competitive landscape, retailers are turning to DiCentral’s innovative suite of EDI retail supply chain solutions.

Benefits of attending this session:

  • Look at cloud-based EDI Managed Services
  • Learn how to digitize your supply-chain
  • Know how to increase Trading Partners & Revenue