Christopher Barrat

Director, Greystone PartnershipChristopher-Barratlarge

Christopher Barrat has real life experience in procurement, having been a procurement director for a major blue chip organisation. For the last 12 years he has spoken and worked with companies all over the world to help them with commercial communication skills. He has run a ‘Masterclass’ for CIPS on influencing skills which has run for over 4 years and he is a regular and popular speaker at many international conferences. His style is to inform and amuse in a way that you will find both challenging and stimulating.


Take a look at Christopher’s TedX talk – Successful Networking – the ultimate guide


Session Details

Social Intelligence: The Leadership Skills of the Future

It used to be all about IQ – get the right degree and you must be good. Then EQ – emotional intelligence and much self-understanding. Both are useful but the real skill of the future is SQ – the amount of Social Intelligence you can deploy in the workplace. We have entered the world of matrix organisations where indirect influence and personal connectivity can determine success more than ever before.

By attending this session you will:

> Understand what Social Intelligence actually means
> Learn how to apply these skills
> Come away with a plan to implement