Colin M Cram FCIPS

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Chief Executive, Marc1 Ltd and Government Advisor

Colin has created and directed major leading procurement organisations. In 1981, he initiated the drive to improve the management of UK public sector procurement, his work leading to the outsourcing drive, which has been taken up internationally. In 2013, he recommended to the UK government the creation of the Crown Commercial Service.

Colin has written for major UK newspapers including The Times and Guardian. and is regularly interviewed on radio and TV. His workshops in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe have provided training in creating first class procurement and combating fraud to many well-known global businesses and government organisations. He has been a Visiting Fellow at Manchester University.

Session Details: Closing Keynote

How to Thrive in a Post-Brexit World. The UK Could Learn Much from Singapore

“Singapore’s rise from a ‘third world’ nation at independence to a major global economic success was no accident. Often described as the ultimate free market economy, it is arguably one of the most planned economies in the world, but in partnership with business.

What are the lessons for the UK in a post-Brexit world?

Procurement is the biggest lever and resource the UK has to deliver economic success. Learn how the UK government and business must work together and take advantage of the digital revolution to:

  • Maximise UK PLC's purchasing power to improve supply chain competitiveness and reduce risk
  • Invest in UK industry to create world beating products and services
  • Support the government's regional levelling up agenda to create a more coherent UK