Charlie Warne

Senior Solutions Consultant, AppZen

Charlie is Senior Solutions Consultant for the EMEA region at AppZen. He works with organisations of all sizes to help them understand how an AI powered audit platform can support strategies to reduce costs, streamline process and be compliant both with internal policy and with external regulations. Charlie has over a decade of experience in the T&E and GRC solution areas, with previous roles at companies such as Concur and Infor. He is an integral part of AppZen’s consultancy process, working closely with each business to answer their specific requirements and add value to their finance transformation initiatives.


Session Details

Finance AI: Fuelling Digital Transformation 

AI is transforming the finance back office with autonomous processing, helping companies to enter, classify, match and approve invoices without manual work or oversight. Businesses like Tesla, Intuit and Amazon choose AI both for their product solutions and for running their finance functions, recognising and embracing its transformational capabilities.

Benefits of attending this session:

  • Learn how businesses use AI for specific Finance functions
  • Understand how global companies scale with autonomous AP processing
  • Discover how AI fits in the digital journey