I always view the eWorld conference as the start of the Autumn events season and it was great to get back into action after the summer break. It was nice to catch up with existing customers, talk to a few contacts who are coming onto the job market and also meet a few new people.

The eWorld event in March certainly seemed to benefit from a change of venue and that continued at the Great Connaught Rooms last week.  There was the usual interesting mix of sponsors ranging from regulars such as Proactis and Wax Digital through to new start-ups (here’s a full list of those who exhibited) so the main hall had plenty going on and more than enough delegates to make the event feel busy.

Throughout the day there was quite a varied mix of presentations going on, and those that I attended felt more like an education than a thinly veiled sales pitch and I think that is certainly the way to go with these things.

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