Gemma Dolman, head of indirect purchasing at bathroom supplier Bristan Group, told delegates at eWorld Procurement and Supply how to successfully adopt an e-marketplace.

1. Take it from the top

Dolman highlighted their secrets to success, discovered through their experience adopting Amazon Business marketplace into their system. Like all integration operations, compliance often starts from the top. Once higher tier executives are on board the rest of the company will follow and implement the necessary policies. Successful implementation of a marketplace revolves around the company having a cooperative, open-minded approach.

Dolman said: “Stakeholder buy-in is absolutely key. It’s important that all areas of the business that use the procure-to-pay process are fully involved in the project, from the raising of the order to the invoice at the end.”

2. Tailored implementation

As all companies differ, from culture to budget to values, effective adoption of a disruptive marketplace involves catering the implementation method and process to your company.

Dolman said: “Make sure you tailor the implementation method to your business. We’re all different sizes, and while some methods work for some and vice versa, just make sure the method works for you.”

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