At the recent eWorld event, Kavita Cooper and Rohan Yoganathan (previously Head of Procurement at Barnardo’s) ran a hands-on workshop aimed at those working in and around the charity sector. Cooper is an ex procurement practitioner (see our article here), who now runs consulting firm Novo-K which supports charity sector clients in procurement performance improvement and related areas. 
I sat in on the first half of the session, and it was good to look at some of the issues facing procurement folk in that sector, issues which are subtly different in some ways at least from those facing professionals working in public or private sector organisations.

One factor that may be unique to the sector is that there is in some quarters almost an “aversion to commercial acumen” as someone put it during the session. Either it is seen as being “not nice” to negotiate with or challenge suppliers too hard, or some people working in charities naively believe that suppliers will always give them a good deal – simply because they are charities.

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