Theresa Lacey

Senior Product Manager, Basware 

Theresa has an international background in change management and organisational and programme development. For the last eight years, she has worked in the UK, helping organisations in the public and private sector to unlock significant savings and operational efficiency through the considered use of technology.

As a senior-level Product Manager at Basware, Theresa is responsible for a range of procurement solutions, and works with customers globally to help them simplify their operations and spend smarter using Basware products and services.

Session Details

Harnessing P2P Technology Beyond Tomorrow; Why Strategy, Not Tech, is the Real Driver of P2P Innovation

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing are today’s hottest technology buzzwords. But how do you separate the hope from the hype? Discover why you need a far-reaching technology strategy before you evaluate any systems or tools for P2P transformation, and how to future-proof your technology investments.

Benefits of attending this session:

  • Why strategy, not technology alone, is the real driver of P2P transformation
  • Why your ambitions for ROI on tech investments need to go beyond efficiency and savings
  • How to develop a strategy to objectively evaluate emerging technologies and future-proof your deployments

See a preview by Theresa here.