Shatu Mbursa-Mshelbwala

Procurement Officer, St Mungo’s

Shatu Mbursa-Mshelbwala is the Procurement Officer at St Mungo’s – a charity and housing association working directly every day with people who are sleeping rough, in hostels and at risk of homelessness.  Shatu believes that a company’s raison d’etre has to resonant with her outlook to life therefore 90 per cent of Shatu’s procurement career has been in the charitable sector.  In addition to procurement, other areas of interest include Wellness‎ and sustainability issues.


Session Details

Beyond e-Auction: Challenges, Setbacks & Empowering Solutions

Life of a procurement professional is more than savings, more than value for money, more than compliance, it’s about Being More.

‎Likened to a charitable organisation, change and impacts, limited resources, accountability and the desire for continuous improvement means being flexible, effective and resourceful at all times.

Benefits of attending this session:

  • Gain clarity on performance motivators
  • Hear suggested techniques to improve self management
  • Maximise language preference for sustained impact