Oscar Wegland 

UK Country Manager, Pagero

Oscar is Country Manager for Pagero UK with eight years in the organisation. During this time, Oscar has been helping multinationals streamline their procurement and finance operations through digitization, automation and data availability improvements.

He has delivered over 100 keynotes and seminars on Real-time Spend Control, Procurement Automation and International e-Commerce.

Session Details

Accurate Spend Visibility – let finance pay for it!

Today’s spend analysis uses out of date, low quality data and only advises of problems after invoices have been paid.

This session will look at how procurement and finance teams can reduce off contract spend, generate a sourcing strategy and control spend.

We will share real life case studies, to demonstrate how your business can reduce spend by becoming paperless and touchless.

Benefits of attending this session:

  • Learn how to automatically track and reduce “off contract” procurement
  • Control spend – before you spend it!
  • Increase your ability to tender