Lesley Farrow

Head of Procurement Strategy & Process, Interserve Facilities Management

Lesley has over 25 years experience in Procurement and Supply chain working in both the Military and the Private sector.

After many years of working in Supplier and Category management Lesley uses her Procurement experience to shape company Procurement strategy and is always looking to improve processes with new technology and innovation.

Lesley currently works in the Facility management sector and has just introduced an end to end Procurement process using a SaaS solution.


Session Details

“Free Biscuits” – Changing Behaviour Through Technology

Implementing change in a complex business environment poses significant challenges. This session provides an overview of how technology can act as an enabler for transformational change. Specifically the session covers the journey from specification to user adoption of an end-to-end cloud based eProc platform in a large Procurement community with lessons learnt along the way.

Benefits of attending this session:

  • Understand the challenges of implementing an eProc solution to a large procurement community
  • Learn how we engaged users to improve adoption
  • Gain insight in to how eProc platforms can support implementation of policy and process