Andy Hamilton

Consultant, PROACTIS

Andy has over 20 years of experience in the delivery of Spend Control and eProcurement solutions to leading organisations in both the private and public sectors to help them identify and realise tangible savings and collaborate with their supply chain in the most efficient way.

At PROACTIS, Andy specialises in the area of Purchase-to-Pay and has worked with organisations including Mace Macro, SEGRO, Travelex and The Jockey Club to deliver hard savings and strategic benefits including: increasing financial control and visibility, avoiding unnecessary purchases, reducing the cost of Accounts Payable, and leveraging negotiated supplier agreements and contracts.


Session Details

A Practical First Step to Assessing Your Purchasing & Accounts Payable Processes

Have you been thinking your purchasing and accounts payable processes could stand to be improved?

Do you sense that those processes may be wasting precious resources because they are not as effective or efficient as they should be?

In this session, we provide everything you need to conduct a methodical and rather complete high level assessment of your current Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process, so you can gain:

  • A clear idea what you are doing well, what you are doing poorly and what you could be doing much better
  • A basic idea what your current process is costing your organisation as opposed to a best-in-class process
  • A list of specific ways you will save time, money and talent by effectively automating your P2P process

Join us for this session to understand your current P2P process and how automation could improve your process and impact your bottom line.

Benefits of attending this session:

  • Gain an understanding of how your P2P process compares to best-in-class
  • Identify how you can automate your P2P process to drive efficiency and cashable savings


2017 Survey Results: The Impact of Strategic Procurement

In a recent survey, we found that 45% of organisations have yet to achieve full engagement between Finance and Procurement.

Ensuring your CFO and Senior Procurement Manager join forces to better understand and leverage Strategic Procurement in conjunction with your Spend Control initiatives may be one of the biggest things your organisation can do to positively impact your organisation’s bottom line.

In this session, we reveal the results of a survey that looks into how connected procurement efforts are in a range of organisations. We’ll share insights and recommendations on how Finance and Procurement can work together to drive savings across the procure-to-pay process.