Josh Ayres

Regional Director, Zycus-Inc                                                                                                                                                                                  

Josh is an experienced Director and a specialist in driving revenue through the channel, as well as in the enterprise sector; specifically in the Cloud, Software as Service (SaaS) and technology sectors. He has had notable success in both setting up channel partners and direct sales engagements. He possesses a wealth of new business sales experience, working within different business functions over the past 25 years with a combination of leading technology companies and business start-ups.

Session Details

Is Procurement Headed for Extinction?

Many changes are happening in the world of procurement. From the emergence of distributed ledgers to the Internet of Things and the new ISO 44001 relationship standard. Thus, the world we once knew is gone. The need to both understand and adapt to these new developments is crucial to ensure the “survival” of our ongoing relevance as a profession. In this session, we will be introducing to you the latest industry trends that will impact you directly and indirectly, as well as provide you with needed insight into how you can successfully navigate this brave new world.