Trevor Tyler

Principal Consultant, Xoomworks

Trevor Tyler works at Xoomworks to support other organisations Procurement System Projects, Transformation Programmes, delivering efficiency within Procurement Operations and the move to Digital Procurement.

Trevor spent 33 years working for British Airways (17 of these within Procurement), he has led the implementation of ARIBA buyer, Sourcing, Contract and Spend Analytic modules into British Airways. Responsible for managing Procurement Operations including the companies Purchasing Card Programme, Supplier Risk Analysis, Supplier Spend Analytics and the Procurement Helpdesk.

Over the last 4 years Trevor has been focused and instrumental in delivering a single Group Procurement function as part of IAG’s Procurement transformation programme. This has involved the creation a new operating company based in eastern Europe to the execute the Procurement function for British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus and other operating companies within IAG (International Airlines Group).

In addition to the establishment of the new Group Procurement function, he has also moved British Airways, Iberia’s and IAGs procurement systems into a single ARIBA cloud Source to Pay platform integrating into SAP’s S/4HANA, including the implementation of Guided Buying.

Over and above transformation programme and delivery of a single Group Procurement Platform has been also driving through Digital Procurement initiatives to deliver maximum efficiency within the Procurement function

Session Details

Digital Procurement – A Practical Guide

“Digital” has become a hot top for procurement. This session led by the ex-Head of Procurement Systems for IAG (owner of BA and Iberia), breaks through the terminology to provide practical ideas on how ‘digital’ can change what you do in your job and deliver efficiencies. He will focus on digital solutions for procurement and how their simple application can create a digital action plan, freeing up time to focus on more strategic and higher value procurement activities.

Benefits of attending this session include:

> An understanding of what Digital procurement is

> What steps can be undertaken to begin the digital enablement journey

> The benefits to Procurement of digitalisation