Roger Davies

Group Head of Procurement, Marks and Spencer


Session Details

Fit for Purpose: Next Generation Procurement

Expectations of large organisations have changed dramatically over the past decade, with customers, employees, shareholders and governments all demanding greater accountability and transparency than ever before.

To develop a new generation of procurement leaders, stay relevant at a strategic level and continue adding value to the enterprise, Roger Davies from Marks & Spencer believes that purchasing organisations need to adapt far quicker to the pressures of a rapidly evolving global landscape.

In a thought-provoking keynote, Roger will question whether traditional cost-saving and efficiency objectives are becoming out-dated and too one-dimensional, arguing instead for purchasing professionals to rise to the new challenges of the 21st Century by focusing their attention on more pressing matters such as supply chain security, asset protection, resource scarcity, modern-day slavery, talent management, visibility, measurability and tighter corporate governance.